Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tango Newsletter 5/7/2013

Milongueras, Milongueros,

I am delighted to intimate that there is Tango in Columbus, thanks to some of our experienced dancers who are still in town, and some new, wonderful additions. The weather is kind to us, we dance outdoors too, in the Oval, in front of Hayes Hall. There is room for new people: no partner necessary, no dress code, no experience assumed, two left feet okayDo not lose time: use May to its fullest, it will be a last opportunity for a long time to learn genuine Argentine Tango and improve your skills.  

In MAY we meet all Wednesdays and Saturdays8pm, @ HAYES HALL lobbyThe meetings combine lessons for beginners and for experienced Tango dancers, as well as a Practica too, in parallel: come early. I urge people on this list that hesitated until now to seize this last opportunity to learn the royal dance, and improve your skills. 

Usual prices: OSU undergrads $20, other students $25, others $40 for all May sessions. Alternatively: $5/$7/$10 per night.

We always meet at HAYES HALL lobby, northeast side of the Oval: 

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