Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tango Newsletter 5/18/2013

Milongueras, Milongueros,

This will be my last week in Columbus for a long while, so we are adding MONDAY 5/20 to SATURDAY (tonight, 5/18, and also 5/25) and WEDNESDAY (5/22). Always 8pm at HAYES HALL lobby Our website: Free street parking: E. 16th Ave, Waldeck Ave., Iuka Ave. The format will be a lesson by faithfully yours for all levels, mixed with Practica. There is always room for new people: no partner necessary, no dress code, no experience assumed, two left feet okay, need not be a student or affiliated with OSU.

Years ago a student - who is still my FB friend - told me that teaching Argentine Tango (AT) in Columbus was like teaching Swahili - who needs it. Indeed in a way teaching AT here is like teaching English in the jungle, to use the analogy. There is so much fake Tango around, with many names, and they often insist on inserting the word "Argentine": Ballroom Tango, Hollywood "Argentine" Tango, or just Vulgar (or Irina) Tango. Takes time to explain to the masses the difference.

However, I have been incredibly lucky to have a wonderful group of students that advanced rapidly and understood the essence of this art form, and would continue it here. The policy of putting the students first (as opposed to using a couple token students to reserve Ohio Union space for non-students) was effective. Also I am most grateful to Dept. of Design chair Paul Nini, and to Polly, for letting us use the lobby of their historical, beautiful building. We now open the doors to the oval for fresh air and mix in- and outdoor.

We may not use much of the mailing list. Best source of info will be our Facebook page (please join the group, see photos and videos): ATCO: Argentine Tango in Columbus, Ohio and AsianTANGO

We shall use our blogs (regularly)
and (standing message).

Official website is

Do not be confused by other websites, which do not represent us, including those we used in the past.

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Usual prices in May: OSU undergrads $5, other students $7, others $10 per night.

We always meet at HAYES HALL lobby, northeast side of the Oval: 

See you on the dance floor,

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