Monday, April 29, 2013

Argentine Tango newsletter 4/29

Jordan Taylor to

Milongueras, Milongueros,

In the MAY semester we shall meet as usual Wednesdays and Saturdays8pm, at HAYES HALL lobbyThis will be the last opportunity for a long time to learn genuine Argentine Tango and improve your skills. The meetings will combine lessons for beginners and for experienced Tango dancers, as well as a Practica too, in parallel: come early. We urge people on this list that hesitated until now to seize this last opportunity to learn this kingly dance, and improve their skills. This will be a last opportunity for a long time.

We had a very interesting year, our members improved a lot. Now that the semester is over, many of our members dispersed around the globe, so we have room for new people: no experience assumed, no dress code, no partner necessary, two left feet okay. Experienced dancers who are still in Columbus are most welcome, but do not lose time: use May to its fullest!

Usual prices: OSU undergrads $20, other students $25, others $40 
for all May sessions. Alternatively: $5/$7/$10 per night.

We always meet at HAYES HALL lobby, northeast side of the Oval: 

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