Monday, March 25, 2013

Jordan Taylor

Milongueras, Milongueros,

As this semester begins to come to a close, we need to make 
the most of our time to improve our skills and keep practicing!:)
All days free for all members.
People of all levels of skill are given instruction. No dress code. 
No partner necessary. Two left feet okay.

We always meet at HAYES HALL lobby, found on the 
northeast side of the Oval: 
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8pm Tango Lessons
Fridays at 8pm Tango Lessons (separate series for the general public)
Saturdays 9:30pm La MILONGA Buckeye (dance party!)

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see photos of our members honing their Argentine tango skills: 

Our official website is

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See you on the dance floor,

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jordan Taylor
to osutango
Milongueras, Milongueros,

We have exciting news this week. As part of our welcome of the Spring, this coming Saturday, 3/23, we are proud to host JON DEVLINthe first person to teach Argentine Tango in Columbus, a well-known dancer, choreographer and teacher, whose long career spans from Broadway to Otterbein University. See There will be no special charge for this special treat. We start as usual at 7:30pm. I hope to see many of you for this Rite of Spring event.

We always meet at HAYES HALL lobby, north east Oval: 

New End-of-Year Prices and timetable:
We hope you all had a wonderful Spring break. There are only 5-6 weeks left in this academic year, so we urge you all to use the remaining time to improve your Tango skills. 

For this, we have two alternative sequences of activities:
New prices for end of semester: OSU undergrads $20, other students $25 (this may include recent graduates), others $40. One night: $5, $7, $10.

FRIDAYS 7:30pm: separate series for the general public, $50 for 5 nights, $15 per one, students half price. 
Here we expect regular participation to advance best.

SATURDAYS 9:30pm La MILONGA Buckeye (dance party). 
Free for students and those who take the lessons, $5 for others. 
At HAYES HALL lobby there is no curfew, and we can stay past midnight.

In addition to we shall use our renewed old website or Comments and suggestions for improvements are most welcome.
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Photos can be seen on our facebook page.

ALL ARE WELCOME ON EVERY NIGHT. New people are always welcome, no dress code, no partner needed, students of all levels are taken care of. Two left feet okay. We start from basics, advance depending on the level of the people present, and usually practice Milonga (as a dance) later on in the evening. 
We do only Argentine Tango. Other dances, including Hollywood, Ballroom or Clown Tango are elsewhere .

See you on the dance floor,